Finding my voice

/* Do Re Mi's of the literary kind */

I said when I started this that I don’t know what I want this to be.  I’ve been working on a couple pieces and I think I’ve started to figure out that the best topics aren’t the ones that are reactionary.  They’re proactive.

Credit where none’s due.

I haven’t really written since college.  I’d like to write more, and this is what I thought this was going to start out being.  But somewhere between scrapping 3 separate posts did I realize that a lot of what I wanted to talk about was grievances I’ve had working in an area of the country that still waiting to get 4G from more than one provider.

That’s no one’s fault, except maybe my own, but I’m looking to place it elsewhere, anyway.  And that’s not right.

Teach a man to fish…

The internet is such an engrossing place that sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone lives on it like I do.  I remember someone saying at the last WordCamp I went to in Minnepolis last April,

“The way we use the web today, is the way the everyone else will use it in a year.”

A lot of what I get frustrated at can come back to that statement.  People having issues in ancient browsers, testing default browsers in older versions of Android or iOS, someone not understanding basic development structure.

It’s my job to help nudge those people toward the future, or, I guess, to how I’m using the web today.  This just leads to me needing to pay more attention to what has changed for me over the last year, and what lead me to here.

So that’s where I’m at. Wanting to help shepherd the masses toward the future of the web, all while not going absolutely insane.


So that’s my goal, I guess.  It might change, but I want to make sure that we can move forward together.

It’s too much to say that I’d wish everyone would get on my level, but…I kinda do.