Arbitrary Reasoning

// You can't fail what you don't try

One of my favorite bands is Motion City Soundtrack, and I’ve just been listening to “Can’t Finish What You Started” off their album, Even If It Kills Me.  I love so much of what they have to say in this song, and it gets me to think of how I’ve been approaching the last couple years, not finishing anything I’ve started.

It’s about just getting it out there.  No project is truly complete, or as complete as you maybe like it to be, but that’s not justification for giving up on it.

“Systematically revealing to me, that I need a new approach.”  – Motion City Soundtrack

So, here starts the new approach.  Finding the time to put a pen to paper, or in this case, finger to keyboard, and write out even some abstract thoughts in case something comes of it.

While there is no end in sight, that doesn’t give me any justification to give up on it.  Every journey begins with a single step, or so they say.